Overhead shot of a table scene with a plate of fennel and orange salad, with a chair casting a shadow over the scene


Are you ready to give your business a boost? Ready to stand out from the crowd with powerful and compelling visual content? Let's work together.

I can bring your vision to life in my home studio, or I can travel to you to work on location, be it at a restaurant, café, office, farm or home... happy to travel anywhere in Victoria or beyond.

Your brand is special, and I'm excited to learn all about it so that I can provide you with a tailored package based on your project and budget.

Food Photography

I produce high quality imagery that helps you tell the story of your business, be it a finished dish, ingredients, capturing a process, or freezing a motion. Food prep and styling can be  included.

A close up of a poke bowl with corn, carrot, avocado, capsicum, blueberries, edamame and cabbage

Drinks Photography

I make your drinks shine in the best light. Single glasses, bottles or lifestyle scenes, drink photos always turn heads. Styling included, but if you have a bartender to prepare drinks, I happily work with them.

A garden table scene with a close up of a coupe glass with cider and a slice of pear
A baking scene with two hands clapping and flour flying everywhere

Recipe Development

As a qualified chef, I have the expertise to create recipes with your product being the hero of the dish. Savoury or sweet, snack or full meal. Recipe development plus photography packages are available.

Milawa Mustard jars being labelled by hand

Product Photography

I tell your brand's story with powerful images that include your product. Not limited to food and drinks, I happily shoot other items like cosmetics, home decor etc.


Add an extra little wow factor to your imagery with animated photos, fun stop-motion videos, recipe videos or documentaries (for examples of documentaries I shot, check out my other venture https://originalzest.com.au). Stand out from the crowd on social media or add these to your website. 


I have a huge prop and backdrop collection that I use to style scenes. I can make custom backdrops for your brand and source any prop needed to make your product shine. Styling and photography usually comes as a package, but can also be hired as a stylist and work with other photographers.

Overhead shot of a deconstructed caprese salad with a hand placing a tiny tomato with pliers

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